There is a very young 12 year old Blue Tabby looking for a loving home currently in Essex. Please do visit her details page and give her serious consideration as she does need her own warm lap.


Breeder of the first Singapura GCCF UK & Imperial Grand Champion,
and the first Singapura TICA RW Supreme Grand Champion in the UK!

Home of the Second Singapura TICA Supreme Grand Champion in the UK
SGC Spookipawz Squiggletoo

Report on the NBA Cat Club FIP themed seminar 2007 in the UK

Welcome to the Goldlay household. I am Marcia Owen and have been breeding Burmese since 1976. The Birmans joined the household in 1980 and the Singapuras in 1998.

We all live in Northamptonshire, England, from where we travel to GCCF and TICA shows on a regular basis. I served on the GCCF Supreme Show Committee and the Birman Cat Club committee for many years. and I have been party to setting up of the Progressive Singapura Cat Club in the UK.



To meet the family and to read some breed history, please browse through my pages. Although I only breed a few times a year, I would welcome enquiries from potential homes, for my kittens to consider.




Please visit again as I shall be updating this site from time to time. Please visit my kitten page for up to date news of the nursery.



You can either e-mail me at
or phone on +44 (0) 1933 275780
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